Random words

かもしれません ー maybe (at the end of the sentence)

かかります ー to last, to take some time

しかたがない ー can’t be helped

ごぶさた ー sorry for not letting you to know about me for a long time.  A bit similar to ひさしぶり

どういたしまして ー you’re welcome

おいとまします ー I’ll be leaving soon then

はつおん ー intonation

とけい ー watch

日記(にっき)ー diary

じこびょうか ー self reflection

よしゅう ー ?

あるいて ー on foot

かくかい ー every floor

このかい ー this floor

ちかいっかい ー minus 1 floor


We had a mockup exam to test where we are and well… We got back the results today. Its not good. Mostly small stupid mistakes and misunderstandings but still, its not good. Also it doesnt help that I am learning Japanese in Dutch which is not my native and I am not fluent in it either. So the only solution is I need to study more.  Dutch too.

Quick notes from today:

  • で is a place marker of an action.  If something is somewhere but its an action it will be で and not に
  • I have to learn the different ways of counting. For days, months, numbers, pieces.
  • When do you use 〜は 〜が or 〜を
  • 〜は〜にある
  • 〜に〜がある
  • 漢字

Thats all for now.