First two hours of ニノ国

The game is beautiful, the Japanese is HARD 🙂

Thats one thing that I dont know a lot of kanji and words but the sentences are changing style and some speak normal, some a bit childish, some deliberately with small changes to have a unique character…

wow… its gonna be some work.


In two hours I reached the part were we learned how to save the game and now its break time 🙂

Some words:

させる let

うごかそう to move it

マークにはなしかけてみよう lets talk to Marc

ちょうど just

完成 completion

ことさ thing

今夜 tonight

さっそく immediately

試運転 commissioning

いきなり suddenly

まずい bad

こっそり secretly

矢印 arrow

目標 goal

おやしげ friendly

modoru  go back

置く to place

演奏会 concert

噛む chew

打ち合わせ meeting

保存 save

次回 next time

代わる replace

あいつ he/she

ゆずる turn

一生懸命/いっしょうけんめい with all one’s might

大妖精 large fairy

完全復活 full recovery

平行世界  parallel world


平和 peace

典型的 typical

奴 guy

闇 darkness

魔導士 varázsló

支配 domination

争い dispute

広める to propagate

恐ろしい horrible

偶然/ぐうぜん accident, coincidence, chance

魂/たましい  soul

似る/にる resemble

持つ carry, hold

共有/きょうゆう   share ownership

賢者/けんじゃ     wise men/woman sage

救う/すくう   to rescue, to help out of

挑む/いどむ to challenge

敗れ/やぶれ   loss defeat

邪心/じゃしん   wicked heart

玉/たま   jewel ball

閉じる/とじる  to close

込める/こめる  to load to charge to include

可能性/かのうせい   likelihood, possibility

妖精/ようせい  fairy, spirit

暖炉/だんろ   fireplace

契約/けいやく contract

棒状 stick

迫力 force

広い場所 large place

広場 open/public space